Audience describes Melissa Aluna as ..."impactful, provocative, inspirational, magnetic, funny, highly interactive ...she empowers you into action"

Some Integrative Innovative Topics Discussed:

*In Purpose On Purpose

*Personal Power Path 

*Dimensions of Consciousness in a Digital Age

*Digital Detox

*Self Mastery with Metaphysics


*Align with your Greatness


*The Art of Deliberate Creationship

*Bringing Shamanism to Business

"Over the years I have mastered a unique frequency ability to practically, purposefully, and powerfully, explain complex concepts in a way that All resonate to.  I  have inspired, educated,  trained, mentored, developed,  and provided wisdom for Seekers from all walks of life, beliefs, religions, sciences, and cultures in a way that creates a bridge between Science and Spirituality. I have an extraordinary ability to Connect to an audience by choosing an authentic communication that directs  to the heart of the matter."   -   Melissa Aluna

"I am truly grateful for your amazing "Spiritual Bootcamp" webinar. The material and the tools presented were so powerful, rich in content, and they are so timeless. Regardless of whether we listen to it live or as a replay, the information presented with clarity and integrity."


                                                                                                                -Alex, Los Angeles