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Corporate Trainings

Why enhance your traditional trainings to

incorporate a Holistic based Wellness Program?

Through the years of facilitating and customizing training programs for private Companies, I have quantifiably determined that longevity of efficacy can be measured successfully when an employee experiences not only MOTIVATION but INVESTMENT. Employees that are "motivated" or inspired are influenced by outside incentives which have proven to be temporary and still may result in emotional reactivity. When "inspiration" and holistic based practices are taught as a priority for wellness, they develop a personal set of values and goal sets that demonstrates discipline and self fulfillment, in turn productivity increases, therefore  less procrastination and hesitation. Integrative Wellness is multi-sensory and interactive in addressing the body, mind, and spirit to result in cohesion and longevity.

Companies and Organizations like yours want their employees engaged with their missions, values and visions, aligned with their strategic plans, and who have the skills needed to drive high performance. When you invest in your employees by implementing a comprehensive wellness value program that addresses physical and mental fitness, social and character development, the opportunity for their individual fulfillment and the collective success rate is exponential. Improving the energy, creativity, trust and effectiveness of your work group is the most cost effective way to increase the worth and survivability of your company.

Corporate Trainings

Why would an Executive or Entrepreneur need Guidance?

Successful Leadership requires the Executive’s ability to formulate, articulate, and lead a strategic vision for a motivated, energized organization. Self-awareness builds clarity about these objectives; and it fine-tunes one’s understanding the perspectives, values, aims and personality traits of others. When that’s lacking, you often see discord and conflict among members of the senior management team. The higher the rank, the higher is the level of challenges you have to face on a daily basis; consequently higher the level of skills and preparation are needed.


Confidential  Conscious Mentorship Creates:

  • Relationship building, earning trust, respect and leading by example.

  • Aligning goals of organization, team and individuals.

  • Personal development contributing to humility, effectiveness, innovation, managing change, enhancing creativity, problem solving skills, performing in complex situations, maintaining work-life balance.

  • Developing self-confidence, positive attitude, motivation.

  • Reaching peak performance levels.

  • Understanding about courage, fears, risk taking, fighting new challenges.

  • Identifying one's key drivers and differentiators.

  • Overcoming conflict, open communication.

  • Managing time, anger and stress.


Are YOU Ready for YOU to be Supported?

Executive Personal Coaching

Life and business are the same. We limit or expand what we are open to receive through our vision, how we see ourselves and thus what we tune to.

Executive Mentoring
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