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Union Ceremonies are a harmonious celebration of two Souls with a shared vision to be in a sacred conscious oneness, with agreements of love, offer a Unity Candle Lighting Ritual, a rite of passage merging 3 white candles symbolizing Source and the  2 unique Souls being merged in Power in the Light of pure Oneness. In igniting the center energy of Truth and Devotion, the Fire represents the passion, harmony, and initiation of 2 building and birthing the foundation of their creation family. This dancing flame illuminating the presence and freedom of this life experience together coupled with a Heart Activation Infinity Exchange.


$150 for Local Miami area (Brickell, Gables, Dwtn)

$200 Miami (Homestead, Cutler Bay, Kendall)

$300 for Broward County

$350 for Palm Beach County or Marathon

****Out of state fee variable, please contact.

Union Ceremony

union ceremony

Sacred Unions

The IAM Presence in a soul partnership agreement 

where both Energies feel devotion to create a fully present experience to live in communion of the Divine Love. Souls  are awakening to the Universal Vibrational Heart Consciousness to redesign the communication from their previous ways that do not honor the vastness of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.


IN respect and  reverence of :

~sacred intimacy

~loving the Self and your Partner with a God consciousness  

~deeper connection with passion and play

~an expansion to create greater fulfillment  

~prioritize & support one another's individual  growth

~own your own personal past and choose to evolve into a new creation experience together

~authentic communication of all feelings, thoughts, core values, and boundaries

~practice and be the love with present full acceptance

My ways to guiding the both of you in these principles, we Choose the Divine Trinity:








We will explore the Alchemy of True Intimacy

Counscious Coupling


Couple weekend intensive:

Love investment by consultation.

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