Integrative Energy Healing





Research evidences that the human body is largely voltage-regulated, not chemically regulated; by moving and manipulating the body's voltage or frequency,  one can regenerate damaged tissue, internal organs, and revitalize  life systems.  

Energy Medicine Benefits:

~ aids the body in releasing stress and tension ~  creates a deep feeling of relaxation ~ accelerates the body’s ability to self-heal ~ allows for peaceful sleep ~  accelerates recovery of  with acute/chronic problems ~ decreases the  pain body ~ removes energy blocks and adjusts the flow of energy of the endocrine system bringing the body into balance and harmony ~ rejuvenates the cellular memory in the immune system ~ helps the body release toxins ~ increases vitality ~ raises the vibrational frequency of the body ~ creates emotional clearing ~ chakra balancing for spiritual well-being ~ brings stillness from within ~ improves concentration ~ enhances self-esteem


a multi-sensory experience

This 1 hour personalized session stimulates and synchronizes all your body, brain, and heart to reinstate harmony. Each journey is customized to your preference. 

What Do YOU want to Need or want to feel Today?

Need more focus or creativity for productivity?

Want to feel less anxious and be more relaxed?

Ready to travel into another dimension, remote view?

How does it Work:

SEE: Kasina mind machine uses brainwave entrainment with pulsing rhythmic light frequencies (red, green, blue) synchronization


HEAR: Sounds of Nature and Solfeggio Scale tones of binaural beats (via earbuds) balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain to create communication on a conscious and subconscious level. 

SMELL: Pure Essential Oils made from flowers and plants activating the Brain's Limbic System and Amygdala (the emotional center) to elevate mood.

FEEL: Beneath you a PEMF Vibrational Mat :

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy replicates the Earth’s natural magnetic field, as the human body requires electricity to send signals through the body and to the brain, PEMF therapy works effectively to re-align the electric potential of our cells by stimulation with positive charges to enter the cell through open ion channels.

Quantum Activation

Not Available in Person at this time