Energy Psychology

Energy psychology is an integrative therapeutic approach that merges addresses the relationship of energy systems to emotion, cognition, behavior and health; including the electrical activity of the nervous system, heart, and meridians. These scientifically based methods facilitate coherence in our brain and the body’s energy to reprogram beliefs, alter behaviors and neutralize emotional responses.

A session includes a brief assessment of your current conscious experiences and concerns, identifying the low energetic fields, emotionally charged situations,  and limiting subconscious thoughts. This process utilizes techniques of emotion code and psych-k (each described in detail below by clicking icon) through muscle testing to clear and balance your internal systems. It is sequentially designed to immediately reduce your unwanted stress and inner conflicts emotionally and mentally, as these scientific tools of neuropsychology and energy focusing exercises emphasize the mind-body connection to receive optimal results. These effective tools and techniques, and practices propel you into higher states of success, bliss, harmony, energy and creativity; and are transferable to anyone. These sessions will feel like a turbo booster to your already awakening consciousness. Some will heal or shift in profound ways they never imagined possible, while others will simply experience a nice relaxing sensation, feeling lighter, more invigorated, and even feel more at peace within themselves.