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  • Observe ~ Contemplate ~ Reflection ~ Concentration 

  • Focused Awareness on the Flow of your Breathe merges the mind and the body 

  • Regulate the Body: Sit in Stillness

  • Liberation becomes by Consistency : it calms the Body and Spirit, and Purifies the Mind.

  • Transcend the Mind Body ... and Be

Makes you emotionally stronger: During the meditation process, where we are constantly focusing our attention on one thing, we learn to let go of unnecessary thoughts. Meditation is a process of spending time with yourself and is a journey of self-discovery. By understanding ourselves, we are able to build our emotional resilience and tap into our inner intuition. Daily struggles and irritations will no longer impact you, as you remain calm and centered in yourself and the present moment.


Self Awareness is weak and delayed in the untrained mind, with consistent practice of meditation, mindfulness, you notice thoughts and emotions more clearly before reacting; thus expanding the space between you and the thought. As you refocus your attention from wandering throughout Meditating, as you develop non-attachment and letting go, by just Observing becoming the Witness of the thoughts come and flow. Breathe Awareness grounds you into your body and your senses, as you direct the energy of your thoughts. 

One who is committed to balancing their mental energies by Being PRESENT, you will experience a sense of calm and enthusiasm in yourself and your relationships with people around you grow stronger. Plus its a Digital Detox, decreasing distraction, absence, indifference, and restlessness.

FREE MEDITATIONS Available in Resources - free downloads                                                               ****To Explore Different Ways to Meditate visit:

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