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Master Your FREEQuency Program

This program has been carefully designed to integrate easily into your busy life. You’ll find that the program supplements your life and that your new tools and practices will create new spaciousness and ease.​

The structure is both organized and flexible, designed to support your personal integration in every way. The cycle of ongoing retreats and evening circles provides a rhythm of regular touchstones with creative infusion of new tools and practices.

Complete audio recordings, detailed handouts, and personal energy sessions support your integration of the material. The combination of wisdom teachings with group exploration and personal coaching  enables you to integrate these transforming principles and practices into your daily life.

Because our explorations are based in the foundations of pure principle, this program is designed for all levels of experience. Within each of our topics, learners from beginners to advanced find much value in exploring the world through these core principles, and experiencing new connections between the disciplines.

Integration and Repetition: Every module will focus on one or two key disciplines, and include also principles and applications from all of the others. In this way connections will unfold and key concepts and skills will continue to anchor through time and the magic of daily life.

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