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Energetic medicine uses the vibration of a simple harmonic sound aims to facilitate the effectiveness of other therapies, reduce recovery time and support in the integration of the healing processes . Natural sound healing instruments are the most ancient and powerful tools for shifting vibration to a higher level. Healers with sound see outcomes, we observe people relaxing, becoming more present and aware, achieving greater degrees of freedom. multidimensional frequency hierarchy found in all living organisms: Frequencies, Timbres (combinations of frequencies), Musical Intervals and Chords (combinations of frequencies or timbres), Music (combinations of frequencies, timbres, musical intervals, chords -- and time), and Energy (which has all levels of vibration within it). He then will talk about how all of these different levels of vibration manifest within Love, the Soul and SpiritExperience the vibrational frequency of your authentic voice, your most powerful, natural healing tool. The ability to Sing Your Truth is integral to your health, well-being and good balance in daily life. You will be supported by the pure resonance of the alchemical crystal bowl sound bath, Tibetan Singing bowls, chimes, bells and other sound healing instruments. Sound waves are a sacred path to the deepest part of the soul.

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