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Alchemy Lab is an alchemical journey of SELF MASTERY that meets you where you are and helps you to realign with your soul’s purpose to be your most authentic self. The Keys are designed for those who are ready to clearly know, accept, trust,  and be their authentic Self; are willing and open to discover and explore your true potential and destiny. Alchemy Keys are to Strengthen your Connection to your Inner Guidance and Source to clears the mind of beliefs, programming, and attachments, coming into Unity within the Self for personal freedom. In this Universe we all have infinite number of possibilities, each one a choice that leads in a unique direction in life. When a clear aligned choice is made through intentional action, you know that the path that follows is ultimately no different than the other paths, as they all lead to the same place. To experience YOU is to choose the present moment where you have no demands for any outcome, and realize that there is nowhere you must go and nothing you need to do, when the mind and the body are in complete awareness of the experience of life. Master of Self is about maintaining awareness of your center (flow) while you are interacting with the your surroundings, as you focus on the Greater and Divine perceptive.

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The Energetics of Relationships in All Forms.

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