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Alchemy Lab is an transcendent journey of life changing SELF MASTERY  teachings that magnetically expands you to realign with your soul’s vision to be your most authentic self. The Keys are designed for those who are ready to clearly know, accept, trust,  and willing and open the door to discover and explore your true potential and destiny. Alchemy Keys are to Strengthen your Connection to Divine (God/Highest Self/Source) your own Inner Guidance to clears the mind of obsolete beliefs, systemic and cultural programming to Bring you into Center, a Unified Onesness within the Self. We all have infinite number of possibilities, each one a path that leads in a unique direction in life, that interconnects into our collective consciousness. To experience YOU is to Be IN the present moment where you have no demands for any outcome, and realize that there is nowhere you must go and nothing you need to do, when the mind and the body are in complete awareness of the experience of life. Master of Self is about a readiness, an open mind, an awareness of you and your unique flow, as you receive integrated teachings and interact with your world with a greater Divine perceptive. This is the truth of Consciousness and the power of you as a Creator.

Take a Key and Enter if this Resonates for YOU.




Ancestral Alters/Prayers

Elemental Medicine 



  • Hypnosis

  • Mantras/Mudras

  • Colors/Imagination)

Energy Pathways:

  • Chakra Auras (viewin)

  • Meridians

  • Yin Yang

  • Energy Fields

  • Brain Waves

  • Heart Coherence

Intuitive Tools:

  • Divination Tools

  • Channeling

  • Akashic records

  • Psychic Skills

  • Paranormal

  • Crystals/Gemstones

  • Codes of Love

  • Angelic Realms

    • ascended Master teachers

    • Archangels

    • I Am Presence


Vibrational Healings:

  • Music & Sound (Freq/binuralbeats)

  • Energy Body Healing

  • Sacred Geometry/Symbols

  • Tapping (Body Talk/EFT/EMDR)

Breath of Life:

  • Transformational

  • Diaphragmatic/Rebirthing

  • Holotropic

  • Kundalini

World Religions:

  • ​Hinduism

  • Sekism

  • buddhism

  • Qaballah (tree of life)

  • Judaism

  • Muslim

  • Shamanism ( Sacred Directions/MedicineWheels)


  • Egyptian

  • Far East

  • Polynesian

  • Yoruba

  • Voudou

  • Shamanism

  • Native American

  • Welsh/Celtic

  • Shinto

  • Hindu

  • Lakota

  • British/Celtic

  • Greek

  • Toltec

  • Norse



Chinese Medicine (acupuncture/herbs)

Muscle testing

Movement Qi:Reiki/Tai Chi/Qigong)

Yoga (practices)



  • Unified Field

  • 9 Dimensions

  • Unified Harmonic Matrix

  • 9 level of consciousness


  • Hermetic Disciplines

  • 12 Universal Laws



Astral Projection

Lucid Dreaming


Remote Viewing


Self Discovery:

  • Archetypes

  • Ennegram

  • Gene

  • Shadow Work

  • Death Dying

  • Trauma

  • Intimacy Relationships

  • Family Constllation

  • Inner Child Healing

Quantum Physics 

Sacred Sites

Sacred Texts: (website) Course/Bible/Zohar/Quran etc.


Western (Tropical/Sidreal)

Eastern (Vedic)

Witches and Wizards (mystery schools)


  • Tolkien/Mayan

  • Starseeds

  • 13 Moon Galactic Calendar

Plant Medicine/Psychedelics

Sacred Sexuality

Transformational Life Coaching:

  • Roadmap

  • Vision Passion/Purpose/Mission

  • Vision Board

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