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MOON CYCLES of Wombmyn

Energy cycles daughter, sister, mother, grandmother

Ancients knew of the power of Womb consciousness, which embodies primal bonding, love, union, communion, communication, and a path to re-connection. This womb path is for you to open and to embrace all aspects of yourself, and to merge into the web of your life experience. If you drawn to spirals, the moon, nature, and the mental cycles, your feminine divine energy is calling to heal. We will learn the ancestral and spiritual connection the the Holy Grail of the Womb, so we can honor Life and experience freedom, to know power of creation and birth.

Sacred renewal ceremonies will include:

Munay Ki 13th Rite of the Womb Cleansing transmitted by Melissa Aluna Solano as an energetic transmission to heal, purify, with rebirth and renewal with the intent to remove fear and pain in the sacral. Develop a relationship with your experience of fertility

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